Everything in Detail : Parasailing in Goa Price!

Famous Water Sports in Goa Water Sports in Goa | Image Resource : heeraholidays.com

Goa is one of those places where you can enjoy to the core and have an unrestricted vacation of a lifetime. There is a lot of adventure and fun that goes on every day in Goa where tourists come in and engage themselves in different kinds of activities. All you need to do is have your wallet full and an exciting heart to try out things that you have never thought of. One of the very famous water sports in Goa is Parasailing which is now an important tourist attraction in the beaches all across Goa.

Well, parasailing is that sport where you are connected to a parachute and taken inside waters and slowly the parachute is let free and as air fills the parachute eventually you begin to fly. Here, you are connected to the speed boat with a very strong and tight rope. So, there is no need to worry about the safety. However, it is suggested to go with the experienced trainers as they can guide you well and they have modern and safe equipment too.

Parasailing in Goa PriceParasailing in Goa Price | Image Resource : atlantiswatersports.com

Before actually attempting the sport, it is better to know in detail about the parasailing in Goa price and the places where you can enjoy this sport in.

What is the average price of Parasailing in Goa?

This is a very important question to answer as the prices vary from one place to another depending on the type of parasailing activity you choose along the duration of parasailing activity. To start with, on an average the price range starts from 800 INR to 1800 INR for a maximum time of 30-40 minutes in different places. The cost for single person parasailing is however a little less compared to a couple parasailing game.

Places where you can enjoy this sport in Goa

This sport is available on all the beaches across Goa but then if you want to experience the thrill of high speed parasailing you need to check out these three places.

Sinquerim BeachSinquerim Beach | Image Resource : blogspot.com

          1) Sinquerim Beach –

There are both single and couple parasailing services available here in Sinquerim beach that start at a cost of 1000 INR for singles and 1700 INR for a couple parasailing. The duration changes with the amount of money that you want to pay for the sport. They usually allow two dips in water for all the games.

2) Calangute Beach –

The highest number of parasailing sports ranging in a cost between 800 INR and 1300 INR can be found here on this beach. You can also go for a combo activity of parasailing along with a game of Jetskeeing. All the safety measures are up to mark here and all the equipments are also checked every single day. So, you can be assured.

3) Candolim Beach –

The only beach in Goa where you can enjoy deep sea parasailing, you will be taken about one kilometre directly into the sea where the activity happens. The cost however for Deep Sea Parasailing here is very reasonable and all you need to pay is 900 INR to enjoy the thrill. The high speed fun will surely give you goosebumps in the beginning and then you can take back home exciting memories of the activity.

So, play safe and enjoy to the core!