Plan Your Vacation Budget Based on Fun World Entry Fee

Living in big cities have their own share of advantages and negativities. And Bangalore is no exception. The ever rising population of the city, infrastructure related problems and long traffic jams on roads are part and parcel of life here. If you have been living in Bangalore for a while, then you may have faced these problems often.

These issues along with your tiring schedule can create a sense of boredom which will have a negative impact on your life. A short vacation to a water park can in a great way help you to give a fresh start to your daily schedule. Water World is one of the most exciting amusement parks within Bangalore. Here are some of the activities which you can take part in during the time you spend here:-

About Water World

Water World offers visitors with a scope to break from your daily routine and spend some time with your loved ones. The amusement park offers a wide range of rides such as Cyclone, Tornado, Boomerang and Fantastic Four. It is also equipped with a kiddy pool with adult slide miniatures. The wave pool is one of the major attractions within the park. Swimming suits are available for usage. Locker facilities are also available.

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Rides and activities available

If you require a place for frolicking with your family in water, then the The One Eyed Captain’s Cask is an ideal option for you. It is suitable for visitors of all ages. The bucket splashes more than 200 liters of water at once, offer you with a chance to take a dip and get rid of all your anxieties and worries.

If you love dancing in the rain, then you can give a try to Rain Dance. Think about thumping loud music and water sprinkling from all directions around you. The loud music which plays in the background will make the experience a delightful one for you as well as your loved ones. Therefore, whenever you come here, be ready to groove and bring the dance floor come to life.

Wave Pool is another activity which may fascinate you. You will be pushed and pulled by waves towards the shore. This activity is performed under the supervision of lifeguards. The experience of participating in this activity will make you feel as if you have reached some place in the Mediterranean. The Fun World Entry fee for each person is Rs 675.


Enjoy And Make Some Unforgettable Memories in Wet N Joy Water Park

There is nothing more enjoyable than planning a trip to Water Park with your family. Your partner enjoys cherishing moment with you while your kids are busy playing in the pool. One such adventurous water park you must try is wet n joy park in Lonavla. This water park is full of thrilling rides and fun rides which will make you go WEEEEEE…..

Wet n joy park
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But before you go there, what do you really need to know about the park? Well, we will help you with the same:

Water rides in the water park
Well the best way to have fun in a water park is to enjoy every ride in the park. And well, when its wet n joy water park, you have to enjoy the crazy rides in the park. Following is the list of water fun rides in the park:

  • Disko H20
  • Royal Castle
  • Tornaddo
  • Cyclone
  • Boomerango
  • Master Blaster
  • Entereme Volcano
  • Craxy River
  • Free Fall
  • Sky Fall
  • Whizzard
  • Nightmare
  • Fungama
  • Thunder Waves
Master Blaster
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Where is wet n joy park located?
This water park is located on old Mumbai-Pune highway NH4. One can see the park from far vision.

How much is the entrance ticket to wet n joy park?
If you are a regular visitor which means a group of below 15 people:
Adult entry: 790/-
Kid’s entry: 590/-
If you are a group of 15 people and less than 10 people:
Adult entry: 715/-
Child entry: 515/-
If you are a group of more than 100 people:
Adult entry: 640/-
Child entry: 440/-

Do you get the parking space in wet n joy park?
Yes, of course! 6 acres of land is dedicated to the parking area of the visitors in wet n joy Water Park which means the space can accommodate up to 450 cars and 600 bikes. So once your park your vehicle, you can move forward to buy wet n joy park tickets on the window. If not, you can also book your tickets online.

Do you get costumes and lockers in the park?
Well, one must enjoy their time and moments when they plan such a trip to water park. And with you bags and phone with you, you cannot really enjoy completely with your family. And therefore, lockers are provided to the visitors in order to keep their belongings safe.

Along with the same, visitors are strictly advised to wear proper dress code in the water. One can wear swimming costume or t-shirts three-fourths and shorts made of Nylon or Lycra. And if you don’t have any, one can rent out costumes in the park as well.

Enjoying with family is one thing, but enjoying with your family in a water park is really exciting. You can always go to a restaurant or garden to spend some time with family, but fun in Water Park is always memorable and remembered for life. And don’t worry about your kids, they will have a best time of their lives and will share the same with their friends when they go back home.

So this time, just forget about rules and routines and jump in your car with your family for a fun experience in wet n joy Water Park. And believe me, you will love this experience and will wish to come back sooner.