Superbikes For Rent in Bangalore: For A Thrilling and Chilling Holiday Experience!

Bangalore, the land of ethereal beauty is one of the best places in India to spend a relaxing holiday. Whether you are a nature buff or an adrenaline junkie, you can experience the best at the city of gardens! The salubrious climate of Bangalore makes it one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Thousands of local and international visitors make a beeline to this amazing place to spend a relaxing and rewarding holiday.

Top Places to Visit in Bangalore

The city of gardens, Bangalore features some of the best holiday hotspots ranging from gardens to waterfalls. If you are a novice trying to spend a hassle-free trip, then it is a must that you check the famous tourist hotspots. Given below are a few of the top places to visit in Bangalore.

Shivanasamudram Falls
Shivanasamudram Falls | Image Resource:

Shivanasamudram Falls:- If you are a nature buff wanting to spend some peaceful time away from the city, then go on a bike ride to the famous Shivanasamudram Falls. Sandwiched between dense foliage, this scenic waterfall is definitely a slice of paradise! The sight of the silvery waters rushing down the rocks is an absolute treat for sore eyes!

Bannerghatta National Park:- Wildlife enthusiasts thronging to Bangalore must make it a point to check out the famous Bannerghatta National Park. Home to some of the rare species of animals, the park is located at a distance of about 22 kms from the capital city. There is also an aquarium and a zoo at the premises where you can spend a relaxing time with your family and friends.

Nandi Hills
Nandi Hills | Image Resource:

Nandi Hills:- Situated at a distance of about 60 kms from Bangalore, Nandi Hills is a haven for honeymooners and newlyweds. The scenic beauty of this charming place siphons in romantic couples and family groups. It is also one of the best spots for bikers and cyclists.

Tour the Garden City in Style With Superbikes for Rent in Bangalore!

Superbikes for Rent in Bangalore
Superbikes for Rent in Bangalore | Image Resource:

The best way to explore the raw beauty of Bangalore is to go on a bike ride. There are many superbikes for rent in Bangalore that offer flawless services for your needs. You can choose from Benelli 600 gt, Benelli 600i, Harley Davidson, Kawasaki, and many other types of bikes.

You can purchase these bikes for rent from Indiranagar, Koramangala, Jayanagar, etc. The bike rent ranges from rupees 1,250 to rupees 6823 rupees. The bikes are offered in good condition and you are also provided with a helmet for your safety. So chose the best bike and ride across the beautiful city of Bangalore in luxury!


Ibiza Kolkata Day Outing: For A Mesmerizing Experience With Your Family!

With summer vacations coming up, children start planning picnic ideas with their parents. Are you one of those looking for a picnic spot in Kolkata? How about a day out in Resort Ibiza? Well you might not believe the words, but picnic experience in Resort Ibiza will leave you with some unforgettable memories with your family. With fun activities and leisure time, you will forget all agonies and work routine for few days at least!

Let’s discuss Ibiza Kolkata day outing in detail:

Ibiza Kolkata day outing | Image Resource :

Why Ibiza?

Ibiza offers a wide range of activities for your children as well as partner where you can enjoy some exciting time together. With fun rides and amazing international dining experience, your kids will feel refreshed with each bite of continental and other cuisines blended together at your dining table.

Ibiza Resort in Kolkata is known for the mesmerizing experience where families rejoice together to enjoy some special time with each other. And these moments, are then captured for life in your mind.

Facilities in Ibiza:

Facilities of the resort include the following:

  • Sports and Leisure services: This area in the resort includes Fresco Jacuzzi, cricket area, adventure zone gym lifting area and discotheque under one roof. So your picnic will become more fun when you will have your whole family enjoying in the leisure area of the resort. Because playing cricket with your father and grandfather is an ultimate fun!
  • Conference and Banquet Halls: In order r to enjoy your picnic in a better way, one can explore the amazing architect and structure of the available halls in the resort which are generally available for parties, conferences and weddings. You never know, you might need that later!
  • Multi-cuisine dining: The resort offers some exciting surprises when you land to the dining area for lunch or dinner. Every time you will be amazed with the variety of delicacy offered in the format of buffet. So you can enjoy some tasteful time together! And guess what, it’s all unlimited! So you can enjoy your food with the variant variety you like.

Deals in Ibiza

“But how much will it cost to spend a weekend there?” if that’s what you are worried about, then don’t be. Resort Ibiza offers some exciting package deals for families to spend a picnic in the resort.

  • Package: 1099 INR per person

Inclusions: Welcome Drinks, Access to Kids adventure zone, Badminton area, Hi-Tea, Swimming, Boating, Carom, Chess, Football, Unlimited Lunch Buffet.

So what are you waiting for now! You know where to spend your picnic on this weekend! So pack your bags and book your package today! And yes, don’t forget your comfortable shoes and swimming costume! Oh yes! Camera is must! Because your memories needs a capturing device too! Good luck and have an enjoyable picnic.