Plan Your Vacation Budget Based on Fun World Entry Fee

Living in big cities have their own share of advantages and negativities. And Bangalore is no exception. The ever rising population of the city, infrastructure related problems and long traffic jams on roads are part and parcel of life here. If you have been living in Bangalore for a while, then you may have faced these problems often.

These issues along with your tiring schedule can create a sense of boredom which will have a negative impact on your life. A short vacation to a water park can in a great way help you to give a fresh start to your daily schedule. Water World is one of the most exciting amusement parks within Bangalore. Here are some of the activities which you can take part in during the time you spend here:-

About Water World

Water World offers visitors with a scope to break from your daily routine and spend some time with your loved ones. The amusement park offers a wide range of rides such as Cyclone, Tornado, Boomerang and Fantastic Four. It is also equipped with a kiddy pool with adult slide miniatures. The wave pool is one of the major attractions within the park. Swimming suits are available for usage. Locker facilities are also available.

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Rides and activities available

If you require a place for frolicking with your family in water, then the The One Eyed Captain’s Cask is an ideal option for you. It is suitable for visitors of all ages. The bucket splashes more than 200 liters of water at once, offer you with a chance to take a dip and get rid of all your anxieties and worries.

If you love dancing in the rain, then you can give a try to Rain Dance. Think about thumping loud music and water sprinkling from all directions around you. The loud music which plays in the background will make the experience a delightful one for you as well as your loved ones. Therefore, whenever you come here, be ready to groove and bring the dance floor come to life.

Wave Pool is another activity which may fascinate you. You will be pushed and pulled by waves towards the shore. This activity is performed under the supervision of lifeguards. The experience of participating in this activity will make you feel as if you have reached some place in the Mediterranean. The Fun World Entry fee for each person is Rs 675.


Enjoy And Make Some Unforgettable Memories in Wet N Joy Water Park

There is nothing more enjoyable than planning a trip to Water Park with your family. Your partner enjoys cherishing moment with you while your kids are busy playing in the pool. One such adventurous water park you must try is wet n joy park in Lonavla. This water park is full of thrilling rides and fun rides which will make you go WEEEEEE…..

Wet n joy park
Wet n joy park | Image Source :

But before you go there, what do you really need to know about the park? Well, we will help you with the same:

Water rides in the water park
Well the best way to have fun in a water park is to enjoy every ride in the park. And well, when its wet n joy water park, you have to enjoy the crazy rides in the park. Following is the list of water fun rides in the park:

  • Disko H20
  • Royal Castle
  • Tornaddo
  • Cyclone
  • Boomerango
  • Master Blaster
  • Entereme Volcano
  • Craxy River
  • Free Fall
  • Sky Fall
  • Whizzard
  • Nightmare
  • Fungama
  • Thunder Waves
Master Blaster
Master Blaster in water park | Image Source :

Where is wet n joy park located?
This water park is located on old Mumbai-Pune highway NH4. One can see the park from far vision.

How much is the entrance ticket to wet n joy park?
If you are a regular visitor which means a group of below 15 people:
Adult entry: 790/-
Kid’s entry: 590/-
If you are a group of 15 people and less than 10 people:
Adult entry: 715/-
Child entry: 515/-
If you are a group of more than 100 people:
Adult entry: 640/-
Child entry: 440/-

Do you get the parking space in wet n joy park?
Yes, of course! 6 acres of land is dedicated to the parking area of the visitors in wet n joy Water Park which means the space can accommodate up to 450 cars and 600 bikes. So once your park your vehicle, you can move forward to buy wet n joy park tickets on the window. If not, you can also book your tickets online.

Do you get costumes and lockers in the park?
Well, one must enjoy their time and moments when they plan such a trip to water park. And with you bags and phone with you, you cannot really enjoy completely with your family. And therefore, lockers are provided to the visitors in order to keep their belongings safe.

Along with the same, visitors are strictly advised to wear proper dress code in the water. One can wear swimming costume or t-shirts three-fourths and shorts made of Nylon or Lycra. And if you don’t have any, one can rent out costumes in the park as well.

Enjoying with family is one thing, but enjoying with your family in a water park is really exciting. You can always go to a restaurant or garden to spend some time with family, but fun in Water Park is always memorable and remembered for life. And don’t worry about your kids, they will have a best time of their lives and will share the same with their friends when they go back home.

So this time, just forget about rules and routines and jump in your car with your family for a fun experience in wet n joy Water Park. And believe me, you will love this experience and will wish to come back sooner.

Superbikes For Rent in Bangalore: For A Thrilling and Chilling Holiday Experience!

Bangalore, the land of ethereal beauty is one of the best places in India to spend a relaxing holiday. Whether you are a nature buff or an adrenaline junkie, you can experience the best at the city of gardens! The salubrious climate of Bangalore makes it one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Thousands of local and international visitors make a beeline to this amazing place to spend a relaxing and rewarding holiday.

Top Places to Visit in Bangalore

The city of gardens, Bangalore features some of the best holiday hotspots ranging from gardens to waterfalls. If you are a novice trying to spend a hassle-free trip, then it is a must that you check the famous tourist hotspots. Given below are a few of the top places to visit in Bangalore.

Shivanasamudram Falls
Shivanasamudram Falls | Image Resource:

Shivanasamudram Falls:- If you are a nature buff wanting to spend some peaceful time away from the city, then go on a bike ride to the famous Shivanasamudram Falls. Sandwiched between dense foliage, this scenic waterfall is definitely a slice of paradise! The sight of the silvery waters rushing down the rocks is an absolute treat for sore eyes!

Bannerghatta National Park:- Wildlife enthusiasts thronging to Bangalore must make it a point to check out the famous Bannerghatta National Park. Home to some of the rare species of animals, the park is located at a distance of about 22 kms from the capital city. There is also an aquarium and a zoo at the premises where you can spend a relaxing time with your family and friends.

Nandi Hills
Nandi Hills | Image Resource:

Nandi Hills:- Situated at a distance of about 60 kms from Bangalore, Nandi Hills is a haven for honeymooners and newlyweds. The scenic beauty of this charming place siphons in romantic couples and family groups. It is also one of the best spots for bikers and cyclists.

Tour the Garden City in Style With Superbikes for Rent in Bangalore!

Superbikes for Rent in Bangalore
Superbikes for Rent in Bangalore | Image Resource:

The best way to explore the raw beauty of Bangalore is to go on a bike ride. There are many superbikes for rent in Bangalore that offer flawless services for your needs. You can choose from Benelli 600 gt, Benelli 600i, Harley Davidson, Kawasaki, and many other types of bikes.

You can purchase these bikes for rent from Indiranagar, Koramangala, Jayanagar, etc. The bike rent ranges from rupees 1,250 to rupees 6823 rupees. The bikes are offered in good condition and you are also provided with a helmet for your safety. So chose the best bike and ride across the beautiful city of Bangalore in luxury!

Ibiza Kolkata Day Outing: For A Mesmerizing Experience With Your Family!

With summer vacations coming up, children start planning picnic ideas with their parents. Are you one of those looking for a picnic spot in Kolkata? How about a day out in Resort Ibiza? Well you might not believe the words, but picnic experience in Resort Ibiza will leave you with some unforgettable memories with your family. With fun activities and leisure time, you will forget all agonies and work routine for few days at least!

Let’s discuss Ibiza Kolkata day outing in detail:

Ibiza Kolkata day outing | Image Resource :

Why Ibiza?

Ibiza offers a wide range of activities for your children as well as partner where you can enjoy some exciting time together. With fun rides and amazing international dining experience, your kids will feel refreshed with each bite of continental and other cuisines blended together at your dining table.

Ibiza Resort in Kolkata is known for the mesmerizing experience where families rejoice together to enjoy some special time with each other. And these moments, are then captured for life in your mind.

Facilities in Ibiza:

Facilities of the resort include the following:

  • Sports and Leisure services: This area in the resort includes Fresco Jacuzzi, cricket area, adventure zone gym lifting area and discotheque under one roof. So your picnic will become more fun when you will have your whole family enjoying in the leisure area of the resort. Because playing cricket with your father and grandfather is an ultimate fun!
  • Conference and Banquet Halls: In order r to enjoy your picnic in a better way, one can explore the amazing architect and structure of the available halls in the resort which are generally available for parties, conferences and weddings. You never know, you might need that later!
  • Multi-cuisine dining: The resort offers some exciting surprises when you land to the dining area for lunch or dinner. Every time you will be amazed with the variety of delicacy offered in the format of buffet. So you can enjoy some tasteful time together! And guess what, it’s all unlimited! So you can enjoy your food with the variant variety you like.

Deals in Ibiza

“But how much will it cost to spend a weekend there?” if that’s what you are worried about, then don’t be. Resort Ibiza offers some exciting package deals for families to spend a picnic in the resort.

  • Package: 1099 INR per person

Inclusions: Welcome Drinks, Access to Kids adventure zone, Badminton area, Hi-Tea, Swimming, Boating, Carom, Chess, Football, Unlimited Lunch Buffet.

So what are you waiting for now! You know where to spend your picnic on this weekend! So pack your bags and book your package today! And yes, don’t forget your comfortable shoes and swimming costume! Oh yes! Camera is must! Because your memories needs a capturing device too! Good luck and have an enjoyable picnic.

Nothing Can be More Fun than Goa Cruise in the Weekend 

Blessed with a long coastline, white sandy beaches and Portuguese style churches, Goa is one of the most popular travel destinations within India. A Portuguese colony for more than 400 years, Goa has a distinct culture, music and style of cuisine which makes it stand apart from other parts of the country. Some of the major attractions of Goa are Basilica of Bom Jesus, Dudh Sagar Falls, Se Cathedral, Fort Aguada and Sernabatim Beach. The exciting nightlife here is the subject of many folklore.

Goa Cruise

Goa Cruise | Image Resource :

In recent years, Goa has gained considerable popularity among lovers of adventure sports lovers. If you love cruising, then Goa is an ideal destination for you. Here, we will discuss about some of the best places where you should visit to make your Goa cruise a memorable one. Some of these details are mentioned below:-

Cruise in Mandovi Bridge

If you intend to go for an evening cruise, then you should start off from Mandovi Bridge. It will last for a period of 1 hour during which you will get to enjoy folk music which is played by a DJ and dance. During this cruise, you will get a clear perception of the Goan culture. You will get a bird’s eye view of the city of Panjim and the areas which are close to it from your deck. The experience which you have on the cruise will be worth remembering for a lifetime. The cost of reservation for a single person is Rs 300.

Corporate Party Cruising

Visitors who intend to organize a corporate party on cruise can start off from Panjim. Snacks and drinks are offered as a part of the package to visitors. The dance and music along with the breathtaking morning sight of the surroundings will make the party worth remembering for a lifetime for tourists. The cost of reservation for a single yacht for a maximum of 70 people is Rs 15000.

You can also opt for an hour long cruise in Panjim. You can spend your time dancing on the yacht deck or enjoy drinking at the open floating bar which is a unique feature of the luxury private course. The cost of reservation for a single yacht which can accommodate maximum of 25 people is Rs 10000. The playing of music on board will make you feel at home and soothe your mind and body.

Chapora River

Chapora River | Image Resource :

Backwater Cruise from Chapora

In case you opt for this cruise, then you will be able to go on a backwater trip for a period of 3 hours. The view of the mangroves, bird life, ghats of Konkan, and small islands with view of crocodiles will make your trip a highly exciting one. You will be offered with a life jacket and a local guide once you start off cruising on the Chapora river. You can spend your time fishing in the river. The cost of reservation for a group of six people is Rs 15000.

Everything in Detail : Parasailing in Goa Price!

Famous Water Sports in Goa Water Sports in Goa | Image Resource :

Goa is one of those places where you can enjoy to the core and have an unrestricted vacation of a lifetime. There is a lot of adventure and fun that goes on every day in Goa where tourists come in and engage themselves in different kinds of activities. All you need to do is have your wallet full and an exciting heart to try out things that you have never thought of. One of the very famous water sports in Goa is Parasailing which is now an important tourist attraction in the beaches all across Goa.

Well, parasailing is that sport where you are connected to a parachute and taken inside waters and slowly the parachute is let free and as air fills the parachute eventually you begin to fly. Here, you are connected to the speed boat with a very strong and tight rope. So, there is no need to worry about the safety. However, it is suggested to go with the experienced trainers as they can guide you well and they have modern and safe equipment too.

Parasailing in Goa PriceParasailing in Goa Price | Image Resource :

Before actually attempting the sport, it is better to know in detail about the parasailing in Goa price and the places where you can enjoy this sport in.

What is the average price of Parasailing in Goa?

This is a very important question to answer as the prices vary from one place to another depending on the type of parasailing activity you choose along the duration of parasailing activity. To start with, on an average the price range starts from 800 INR to 1800 INR for a maximum time of 30-40 minutes in different places. The cost for single person parasailing is however a little less compared to a couple parasailing game.

Places where you can enjoy this sport in Goa

This sport is available on all the beaches across Goa but then if you want to experience the thrill of high speed parasailing you need to check out these three places.

Sinquerim BeachSinquerim Beach | Image Resource :

          1) Sinquerim Beach –

There are both single and couple parasailing services available here in Sinquerim beach that start at a cost of 1000 INR for singles and 1700 INR for a couple parasailing. The duration changes with the amount of money that you want to pay for the sport. They usually allow two dips in water for all the games.

2) Calangute Beach –

The highest number of parasailing sports ranging in a cost between 800 INR and 1300 INR can be found here on this beach. You can also go for a combo activity of parasailing along with a game of Jetskeeing. All the safety measures are up to mark here and all the equipments are also checked every single day. So, you can be assured.

3) Candolim Beach –

The only beach in Goa where you can enjoy deep sea parasailing, you will be taken about one kilometre directly into the sea where the activity happens. The cost however for Deep Sea Parasailing here is very reasonable and all you need to pay is 900 INR to enjoy the thrill. The high speed fun will surely give you goosebumps in the beginning and then you can take back home exciting memories of the activity.

So, play safe and enjoy to the core!